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2018 Honda Odyssey Elite: A DriveWays Review…

by Frank A. Aukofer The 2018 Honda Odyssey elevates the family minivan to a lofty level of efficiency and comfort. Minivans are the most useful vehicles you can find for mom, pop, and the kids. More than any conveyance, they... Continue Reading →

2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell: A DriveWays Review…

by Frank A. Aukofer Blend the futuristic and familiar, and you get the concept of the 2017 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell sedan, forging an expanded direction for the storied Japanese automaker. This all-new five-passenger four-door runs on compressed hydrogen, producing... Continue Reading →

2017 Honda Civic Sport Hatchback: A DriveWays Review…

by Frank A. Aukofer If any vehicle can eliminate the longstanding prejudice against hatchbacks, it’s the 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback. The company has such confidence its latest iteration of the Honda Civic that it doesn’t shy away from simply calling... Continue Reading →

2017 Honda CR-V: A DriveWays Review

by Frank A. Aukofer You have to squint to see it, but the evergreen Honda CR-V has been completely redesigned for 2017. It’s the reason the CR-V, the best selling compact crossover SUV since its introduction 20 years ago, stays... Continue Reading →

2017 Honda Accord Hybrid Touring: A DriveWays Review…

by Frank A. Aukofer The best thing about the 2017 Honda Accord Hybrid is that it’s a Honda Accord. That means that it comes with all of the good stuff that has made the Accord a favorite for 40 years,... Continue Reading →

2017 Honda Ridgeline: A DriveWays Review…

by Frank A. Aukofer There will be those who will scoff or beg to disagree, but the 2017 Honda Ridgeline stands out as the best in the midsize pickup truck class. Wait. It’s not supposed to be. We’re talking here... Continue Reading →

The Sonic Civic

by Jason Fogelson I've never been much of a gamer. But back in 1991, I bought a Sega Genesis. Why? Because I wanted to play the Sonic the Hedgehog game. The Sega Genesis was amazingly sophisticated in its day, with... Continue Reading →

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