by Jason Fogelson

A few months ago, I took a tour of Motivo Engineering’s facility in Gardena, California. I had been invited down by my friend and PR whiz Dean Case. I saw a few projects that Motivo had in progress, including the impressive Blade 3D-Printed Supercar. But what really turned my head was the Harvest project.

Harvest is a solar-powered compact modular tractor — and it is so much more. It’s a communications hub, an energy storage device, a generator and a potential game-changer for remote fields in underdeveloped nations. It could also be the best addition to a high end estate or country club. If everything works as designed and promised, Harvest could have a major impact wherever it is deployed.

You can read my article, “A Conversation With Praveen Penmetsa, CEO/Founder Of Motivo Engineering” on

Photo (c) Jason Fogelson