by Jason Fogelson

A few weeks ago, I went down to Irvine, California to meet Lance Stander. He’s the CEO of Superformance, a company that builds “continuation vehicles” based on some classic race cars from the 1960s.

Lance turned out to be a real talker. A native of South Africa, he’s been in the US since the late 1980s, and he has been involved with Superformance almost as long. As CEO and owner, he has done some amazing things.

First of all, he builds truly amazing cars, including the Shelby Cobra and the Daytona Coupe, as well as the Corvette Grand Sport and Ford GT. He’s also the US importer for Caterham, a very cool low production vehicle that’s basically an engine, a frame, two seats and a dream.

SuperformanceFogelson-5Second, and maybe just as importantly, he had the foresight to negotiate licensing deals with Shelby, Ford, GM and others for the cars he builds. These are not copies or ripoffs in any way — they are officially licensed “continuation vehicles.” Superformance wants you to imagine that the original makers never stopped building these cars, and these are the results.

You can read my conversation with Lance Stander, CEO of Supeformance, at

Photos (c) Jason Fogelson