by Jason Fogelson

I’m the President of the Motor Press Guild, the organization of professional automotive journalists. I’m currently in my second term as President, and my second term as a member of the Board of Directors.

From our website:

The Los Angeles-based Motor Press Guild (MPG) is the largest automotive media association in North America. This exclusive, non-profit organization is dedicated to upholding the highest ideals in automotive journalism and promoting education and information exchange within the motoring press. Members include print journalists, photographers, broadcasters and new media professionals, as well as public-relations representatives, consumer groups, and governmental bodies tied to the automotive industry.

Every month, I write a President’s Letter for our newsletter, Milepost. This month, I wrote an article about my recent experience buying a new vehicle.

As you’ll see from reading the article (please do), I didn’t have an easy time buying a new car for myself. I went through the same ups and downs that you’ve probably experienced, and my knowledge of cars didn’t insulate me from the worry, hassle and general malaise of the car buying experience.

The good news is that I found a car that I love, and I paid a fair price.

What did I buy? Read my letter “An Automotive Journalist’s Worst Nightmare” to find out.