by Jason Fogelson

For the past seven years, I’ve been writing a weekly column about motorcycles for Best Western Hotels’ travel website, I write about motorcycle travel, safety, maintenance, lifestyle and gear. Of all of my freelance gigs, this is my favorite. I love the people at Best Western, and I really believe in the company. When I travel on my own dime, I always seek out Best Western locations, because I know that I’ll get a nice clean room at a fair price. With recent upgrades, there are some luxurious BW properties out there — but I stick with the basic options. I don’t spend much time in my hotel room during a trip. It’s just a place to sleep and use the bathroom before I’m off on my next ride. I want to be safe, secure and sanitary, and I don’t need a $400 hotel room for that.

You can read any or all of my blog entries for Best Western at Beware — there are over 425 of them, with a new article every week.

Photo (c) Jason Fogelson