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I Love Motorcycle Museums

By Jason Fogelson

I love motorcycle museums.

I grew up going to all kinds of museums with my family, and it became a habit when I travel. I go to art museums, history museums, natural history museums, car museums, technology museums, craft museums – just about any collection that someone opens up and calls a museum, I make time for.

My very favorite museums of all are motorcycle museums.

I can trace my love of motorcycle museums back to The Art of the Motorcycle, an exhibition at New York City’s Guggenheim Museum in 1998. Museum Director Thomas Krens engaged architect and designer Frank Gehry to create a beautiful environment that placed over 100 bikes on platforms along the museum’s spiral rotunda. At the time, the exhibition was a smashing success. It changed the way that people thought about motorcycle design, elevating it in consideration. Viewing the bikes in a traditional museum context filled me with pride at my choice of hobby, because like every biker, I already knew that motorcycles could be works of art. Now, everybody knew.

Not every motorcycle museum is as classy as the Guggenheim. Some are downright greasy holes in the wall; some are set up as time capsules and still life representations of a moment in time; some are simply warehouse spaces with bikes lined up side-to-side. But the opportunity to wander through collections and to see bikes in person that I’ve only experienced through photographs and description keeps me going back.

You can read about my Five Favorite US Motorcycle Museums on the Best Western site.

Motorcycles and Music

By Jason Fogelson

I listen while I ride.

Purist bikers often brag that they never listen to music, podcasts or radio while they ride. The roar of the wind, the song of the engine — that’s their music.

I like to create my own soundtrack for my ride. And I’m not ashamed to admit that I often sing along while I cruise down the road. I don’t need to know the words. I don’t worry about being on key. I just sing my heart out, and I sound great inside my helmet.

I’ve even experimented with Tuvan Throat Singing and I think I can actually do a little bit of Polyphonic Overtone Singing. You can’t practice this anywhere else other than inside your motorcycle helmet, because you’ll drive everyone around you insane. Trust me on this one.

I wrote about Motorcycles and Music for Best Western’s travel blog. Take a look, and you’ll find my list of top 25 motorcycle riding tunes.


You Must Be Trippin’

by Jason Fogelson

For the past seven years, I’ve been writing a weekly column about motorcycles for Best Western Hotels’ travel website, I write about motorcycle travel, safety, maintenance, lifestyle and gear. Of all of my freelance gigs, this is my favorite. I love the people at Best Western, and I really believe in the company. When I travel on my own dime, I always seek out Best Western locations, because I know that I’ll get a nice clean room at a fair price. With recent upgrades, there are some luxurious BW properties out there — but I stick with the basic options. I don’t spend much time in my hotel room during a trip. It’s just a place to sleep and use the bathroom before I’m off on my next ride. I want to be safe, secure and sanitary, and I don’t need a $400 hotel room for that.

You can read any or all of my blog entries for Best Western at Beware — there are over 425 of them, with a new article every week.

Photo (c) Jason Fogelson

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