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Los Angeles Auto Show and the Concept Car

by Tod Mesirow

The LA Auto Show is one of those annual events that just feels like the right thing in the right place- and once they moved it to November, the right time as well. A great opportunity to see some old classics thanks to a display organized by the Motor Press Guild, and of course the perfect opportunity to see the newest, latest, and greatest from all the world’s car manufacturers. I went with KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis to experience the show in person.

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Why Fuel Efficiency Hasn’t Changed Much…

by Tod Mesirow

Most people think about their car’s mileage only when they get to the gas station, and realize they have to spend money for the privilege of sitting in traffic on the highway or in one of our clogged cities. Unless you’re a hypermiler, that rare denizen of driving with one purpose in mind: To squeeze the maximum mileage out of every sip in every tank of gas. If you’re not –like most of us aren’t — you may still wonder why we don’t have a car that gets 100 miles per gallon.

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Photo (c) Toyota

The Minivan on KCRW

by Tod Mesirow

Chrysler is credited with inventing the modern minivan in 1983.  On November 2, 1983 the first minivan rolled off the assembly line in Windsor, Canada, across the river from Detroit.   It was reportedly a blue Plymouth Voyager with wood trim.

1984-plymouth-voyagerBut credit also goes to the United States government, and citizens, a.k.a. taxpayers.  On the verge of bankruptcy, Chrysler received $1.5 billion in Federal loans in 1980.  What did they do with it?

They built the minivan.

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